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  • General Massage Services

    • * The 60 minute SIGNATURE (full body) - Level 1 $65
      It's nothing short of 60 minutes of sheer bliss when Ellen pulls from her indepth training in various massage modalities somewhat unique to the midwest.   Incorporating a little bit of Swedish,  a little bit of Shiatsu, and a little bit of Thai yoga, sprinkled with some cranial, reflexology and deep tissue and you'll soon experience why Ellen has become known for her unique approach to a full body massage.  The SIGNATURE - Level 1 incorporates the best of all modalities and is by far the clients' massage of choice.  SIGNATURE Total Body Massages are available in 60 minute or 90 minute sessions.
    • * The 90 minute SIGNATURE (full body) - Level 2 $90
      If a 60 minute total body massage is sheer bliss....why not indulge yourself with a 90 minute session which enables Ellen to spend more time with you in your quest for the ultimate in a relaxation experience.
    • Hot Stone - 60 minutes $70
      The therapeutic benefits of a hot stone massage have been known for centuries  Warm stones and gentle pressure create the perfect blend to relieve stress and tension in your muscles and joints.  The warmth of the stones provides Ellen the ability to access deeper muscle layers than through a traditional deep tissue massage.  Imagine a luxurious melting experience of muscle tension through the comforting, grounding, therapeutic and penetrating qualities of heat. 
    • Hot Stone (includes chakra balancing upon request) - 90 minutes $95
      refer to website
    • Upper Body - 30 minute Massage $40
      A 30 minute session can provide the perfect timeframe for people on the go.  Ellen will focus her attention on areas of tension which generally include the shoulders, neck and back.
    • Upper Body - 60 minute Massage $65
  • Therapeutic Treatments

    • Therapeutic Massage Treatment - 60 minutes $70
      Many clients come to a massage for relaxation.  While others have been recommended to a Massage Therapist by a Medical Practioner to work a specific area of the body for pain relief.  To make the most of your therapeutic massage experience, please let Ellen know ahead of time by making note of this in the comment area or by calling her ahead of time so that she can properly prepare for your visit and develop a treatment protocol with you in mind.  Common areas of concern that Ellen has addressed with clients include TMJ Dysfunction, Sciatica, Tendonitus, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Headaches and upper and/or lower back pain.
    • Therapeutic Massage Service - 90 minutes $95
    • Deep Tissue - 60 minutes $70
      Deep Tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue.  Through slow, purposeful movements, Ellen will work in harmony with your fascia by releasing chronic tension areas or holding patterns that may be causing you pain or discomfort.    Throughout the treatment, Ellen will be checking in with you regularly to ensure your comfort.  Note:  Deep tissue massage does not need to be painful in order to be effective. 
    • Deep Tissue - 90 minutes $95
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    • "The Stretch" - a Therapeutic Massage Stretch Therapy Protocol - 60 minutes $70
      Utilizing PNF, Myofascial, Thai and Fascial Stretch Therapy techniques, you will receive the "ultimate" in a stretching experience.  You will feel lengthened, lighter and more energetic.  For optimal results, biweekly sessions are encouraged.  For clients who commit to a three month biweekly program of six sessions total, the price per session is reduced to $60.
    • "The Stretch" - a Therapeutic Massage Stretch Therapy Protocol - 90 minutes $95
      See Description above
    • Sports Massage-60 minutes $70
    • Sports Massage-90 minutes $95
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    • Cupping $70
      A 30 minute session or 60 minute session is available for this enriched therapy deeply rooted in traditional chinese medicine.  Note:  Most of the custom and deep tissue massages include dynamic cupping already at no additional charge.
  • Spa Treatment Services